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Certified Family Law Specialist

With the Law Offices of Paul D. Spear you get an experienced attorney and dedicated law firm.  Paul is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 10 years experience practicing exclusively in the areas of Family Law.  Paul cares about his clients and knows each client on a first name basis.

Paul Has Been There Too

Divorce, Child Custody and Support issues are extremely stressful and need to be handled by a professional experienced attorney. Paul has been there too and he understands first hand how difficult and expensive a contested divorce can be and how easy it is to allow emotions and costs to escalate out of control.

Paul will ease the process and help you deal with difficult issues more effectively.  Paul's fees are exceedingly reasonable and his emphasis is on settlement rather than simply promoting billable hours.  Paul is an experienced lawyer with affordable rates.  His goal is to keep your money in your pocket where it belongs rather than an attorney's bank account.  

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The Law Offices of Paul D. Spear has demonstrated the highest level of legal proficiency and ethical standards in the legal profession – a most distinguished accomplishment.

Divorce, child custody and support issues can be stressful so put us on your side and we will work hard to resolve your situation through the best means available.

Live in your present and not your past.  Call the Law Offices of Paul D. Spear today for a free consultation at (818) SUPPORT / 818 787-7678.